1. Success Rates:

  • In every sector, only 5% achieve success. But why?

2. Key to Success:

  • Only 20% of success is related to external factors (company, school, conditions).
  • However, 80% depends on personal factors: mindset, talent, consistent work, change, and adaptability.

3. The Importance of Mindset:

  • Talent and hard work are not enough; you need a strong mindset.
  • Would names like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos succeed if they did your job? Probably yes. Because of mindset!

4. What is Mindset?

  • Having the right and positive perspective.
  • Your stance against problems: Like with the Everest example, challenges shape who we are.

Challenges are like handfuls of salt. Some put it in a glass and drink bitter water, others throw it into the ocean and drink sweet water.

  • Stop complaining.
  • Successful people have different habits.
  • Mindset is essentially a way of thinking. This gradually transforms into feelings, behaviors, habits, and eventually character. And character determines our destiny.

5. Final Thoughts:

  • To succeed, you first need to fall.
  • Always focus on the positive.
  • The people around you and their quality directly affect your success.

Conclusion: Right actions yield results only with the right mindset.