New Year’s resolutions mean defining steps to be taken in the future to reach goals for many people. However, implementing these decisions is as important as making them. Here are some key points to consider on this topic:

🤔 Difference Between Knowing and Understanding: Knowing something is just having surface-level information. Truly understanding something means taking action on it, experiencing it, and internalizing it. For example, knowing grammar rules is not enough to learn a language; you need to speak it and practice it to truly understand.

😮 Surprises of Seminars: When giving a seminar, you experience something different each time. The reactions, questions, and feedback from the audience can surprise you. This shows that every seminar is a unique and instructive experience.

💡 Seek Help from Experts: When setting your New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to seek guidance and advice from experts in specific areas you want to improve. For instance, you can seek advice from exercise experts for fitness goals or watch related videos. The knowledge and experience of experts give you a significant advantage in reaching your goals.

🤷‍ Sometimes You Need to Let Go of Some People: There might be people in your life who constantly drain you, lower your energy, or negatively affect you. Moving away from such people is essential for your personal growth and peace. Remember, when you let go, you realize you’ve made a genuine choice.

💡 Every Choice is a Renunciation: Every choice in life means giving up on something. For example, choosing a career path means rejecting other potential paths. However, this doesn’t mean the choice is wrong. Our task is to make a choice, take action, and own the consequences.

🤝 Talented and Determined Individuals in Your Life: Talented and determined individuals entering your life can inspire and motivate you to take action towards personal growth and success. Spending time with such individuals can guide you towards higher goals.

💡 Change Your Thoughts for Success: Sometimes, to achieve success, you might need to change your long-held beliefs, perspective, and even your identity. Be flexible to overcome your own limitations and reshape your thoughts if necessary.

🚴 Take Quick Action: Starting to implement your decisions quickly boosts your self-esteem and confidence. The fear of making mistakes prevents many people from taking action. However, mistakes are opportunities for learning and growth.