Renowned Author and Neyzen Hakan Mengüç Gives Private Sufi Flute Ney Lesson to World-Famous Tenor Andrea Bocelli

Meeting in the Backstage

Before his concert at Beşiktaş Stadium, world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli had a unique encounter with renowned author and neyzen Hakan Mengüç. The meeting took place in Bocelli’s dressing room, where Mengüç introduced the artist to the Sufi philosophy and presented him with a ney, a traditional Turkish flute.

Bocelli’s First Attempt at Playing the Ney

Fascinated by the instrument, Bocelli attempted to play the ney for the first time. His genuine interest in the ney was evident as he tried to produce its distinctive sound. Mengüç then played the ney, and Bocelli was deeply moved by the mystical tones.

An Inspirational Encounter

Impressed by the music, Bocelli expressed his desire to learn the ney. This special interaction between the two artists was a heartfelt and inspirational moment, beautifully captured before Bocelli’s much-anticipated concert.

Andrea Bocelli’s wife Veronica Berti | Hakan Mengüç


Hakan Mengüç is a renowned author, composer, and academician who is well-known by a wide audience both in Turkey and around the world. He has published 9 books, which have been translated into 13 different languages in a short amount of time.

The author has successfully adapted his teachings, based on the fundamentals of Sufi philosophy, to the modern age. In addition, he is both an academician and the president of the Sufi Academy, which was established under the auspices of the Girne American University.

Alongside his notable work as an author, Hakan Mengüç is also prominent for his music and composition skills. He is a renowned ney virtuoso and pianist.