Imagine if we go together to open a bank account for you.
In this bank account, there will be about 1440 lira deposited every single day.
You can use the money in the account, you can save it. Basically, you are free to do whatever you would like with the money deposited in your account.
But there is only one thing you need to know: the money deposited into your account will not be kept in your account tomorrow. Like another 1440 lira will be deposited but whatever you don’t use from the previous day will not be accumulated or saved…you will lose it if you don’t use it. We will name the account: “time.”

Now why did I use the specific amount of 1440 lira because that is minutes, we have each day.
Each day consists of 1440 minutes that we either take advantage of and use or we waste it.

I am asking you to consider and think of one important question:

“Am I using my time wisely or am I wasting it?”

To help us answer this question, he imposes a set of questions:
Did you learn anything today that can help you improve yourself? -Were you surprised by something today?
-Did you do something that you usually fear to do?
-Did you step out of your comfort zone?
-Did you take a good care of your body?
-Did you take a good care of your mental health or mind?
-Did you speak to one of your loved ones today?

If your answer is “YES” to the majority of the questions that means that you are making a good use of your time.
If your answer is “NO” to the majority of the questions that means that unfortunately you are not using your time wisely or more correctly you are wasting the generous gift of time.

Father Augustine’s quote: Basically, he mentions that we can’t understand time by asking what it is instead by not asking we can understand what it is and that’s by living and experiencing.

-Therefore, He doesn’t provide us with a simple definition of what time is because he mentions that there is no definition that can fit to describe what time actually is and he mentions that we already know what time is, in fact is one of the things that we fear losing it is the most because we can’t have it back once it’s gone.

Just like “Soul”, once it leaves our bodies there is no way to return it.

We continue to waste our time without realizing it because we keep thinking that we will have another 1440 minutes in our account tomorrow and we can make up for the things we miss tomorrow but what we tend to ignore or don’t realize that the 1440 minutes we lost today it’s gone, and it’s not been transferred to our tomorrow’s account.

So don’t waste your time thinking of what people think or do, don’t chase the impossible, don’t get into fights that benefits you nothing but wasting your time. Take care of yourself, talk with your loved ones, listen to people, learn new words, new things, research, work for what you love or dream to achieve.

Don’t waste your time and energy on worldly things, on things that will get you too nowhere.

We complain most of the time that we don’t have time. In fact, we have enough time to achieve what we want it’s just a matter of organizing our times. Now for sure we are not robots and maybe we are not able all the time to organize our time minute by minute and sometimes things happen that change our plans and schedules completely, but it is important to recognize the value of time and don’t let it slip away from our hands.

I can talk about my experience in writing this book, because I wrote in the most tiring and difficult times for myself as well. As I was busy with camps and seminars inside and outside Istanbul, but I said that my commitment to writing at 6 am wherever I was. So that I was able to finish this book.

And I also want to mention that anyone who has a control over their bodies and mind have the ability to organize their times as well.

Invest your time in things and people that will move you up not pull you down. Do you the job you love or at least try to love what you do or find aspects in your current job that you love until you find what you love to do. If you lose the sense of time when you are working that means that you are already doing what you love.

-Example: They asked two construction workers, working on a cathedral in the Middle Ages what they were doing? The first one answered: I carry stones all the time and turn them into rectangular blocks” the second worker answered: I am building a cathedral.

What about you? Which worker are you?

Time, is the most precious aspect or thing in life, be careful to who you give it!


Don’t’ say I don’t have time. Use the 1440 minutes deposited into your account every single day. Don’t say I will do it tomorrow or I will see you tomorrow because the 1440 won’t be transferred into tomorrow’s account. And remember that today was yesterday’s tomorrow.