Hakan Mengüç’s “Awakening of the Heart” Seminar Draws Major Interest in Germany (16-17-18 February 2024)

Renowned author, composer, and academic Hakan Mengüç garnered significant acclaim with his “Awakening of the Heart” seminar in leading German cities such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Mannheim. Incorporating performances on the Ney and piano into his program, Mengüç offered participants a unique sense of peace through his impressive presentations on Sufi philosophy.

The rapid sell-out of this seminar series demonstrated that Hakan Mengüç has a wide following not only in Turkey but also internationally. The intense interest in the seminars highlighted the universal appeal of Mengüç’s content and his ability to bridge different cultures.

These seminars in Germany are considered a significant step forward in establishing Mengüç as a key figure in cultural interaction and spiritual teaching, as well as in promoting Sufi philosophy and Turkish music worldwide. Mengüç’s seminars not only provide rich information and music but also underscore the unifying power of different cultures and schools of thought.